Streamer Health Pack 1 – Watch your back

Posted by adrian on April 11th, 2016

You’re head down, you know you can get this one last enemy in your sights. You sneak left and right, the AI in the game is awesome and the lone enemy spots you and lets loose with a grenade launcher catching you unawares and taking away a large chunk of your remaining health. You need a health pack really bad otherwise you are going to fall victim to this one last,┬álousy enemy and let’s be honest it’s not the first time but this time needs to be the last. Jinxing across a corridor you head into a store room and as luck would have it there it is tucked in the corner behind a cupboard a┬áHEALTH PACK. You gulp that health down and head back into the corridor this last enemy is going down!

If you’re a streamer a video producer or just a gamer you’ll be spending a hell of a lot of time focusing on the character in your game’s health but are you thinking about your own health as well?

I’m not a health professional I’m just a really keen gamer who’s a little bit older and is maybe more aware of aches and pains which has made me more interested in living a healthy lifestyle and generally being healthy. Gamers spend a lot of time sitting and based on current thinking this is not good for you however you only need to do a few things to help make it all OK. This series of posts is going to be a few things I have found useful both in my working life and my gaming life that help with the problems caused by sitting at a keyboard all day.

Here are a couple of links, the first is a video about realigning your posture, it’s a little bit yoga like but you can do these stretches anywhere you have room to lie down and you don’t even need to change out of your everyday clothes.

The second is an article about office workers which applies just as well to gamers:

If you are not sure how to do a lateral raise then here is a brief explanation, note that you don’t need a resistance band to do this exercise you just need something of approx. equal weight in each hand a book would do for instance.

This second exercise is something that you can easily do during your breaks – you are taking a break from streaming/gaming/producing every so often right?


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