So you wanna be a “video game influencer”? – The Dream

Posted by adrian on July 13th, 2016

“What the hell are you talking about Adrian?”

Hang on, don’t shout let me try and explain. What I mean by “video game influencer” is Twitch streamer, YouTube Let’s Player, video game Blogger or a mixture say for instance a YouTube streamer. The reason I ask the question of you is that my answer is a resounding “Yes”.

My working life has been pretty good if I’m honest, I went to school, did OK, I was lucky enough to go to University, did not so OK but still managed to get out after three years with a degree and absolutely no idea what I wanted to do as a career. Got a job, believe it or not at the place where my Mum worked, thanks Mum. Dabbled in IT, it was pretty new at the time especially in the civil engineering company where I worked. Found I liked it, I had a knack with technology of any kind and apparently a knack at customer service although at the time I just thought I was a dork. Got another job at Microsoft providing enterprise tech support to customers using the new fangled Windows NT 3.51, any of you remember that? Did some other tech support roles, got good, very good apparently but I’m too humble to acknowledge that.

What you aren’t getting from all of this though is that I fell into a career that firstly I had a strong ability for and secondly that I enjoyed and found extremely satisfying, I never really had a dream to do anything else until about five years ago.

Five years ago is tricky for me, I’ve always been able to retain tons of useless information about technology but I can’t clearly remember events from five years ago. I know I joined YouTube about four years ago and that event seems to be when the ‘dream’ started. I think five years ago was when for some unknown reason I got back into video games, I had always been a gamer on and off, I owned PCs and gamed on them, bought my first 3D capable card without even owning an actual PC. Played consoles on and off through SNES, Mega Drive (Genesis), N64, PS1 etc. Working at Microsoft I was influenced by the release of the original Xbox and then the 360 but it was PC gaming that changed things for me specifically a small game you’ve probably heard of, Minecraft.

Minecraft, YouTube and the dream tie up nicely together in my mind. I wanted to play Minecraft, it was a sensation while still in Beta, I didn’t understand it though which is how I found YouTube and specifically PaulSoaresJr’s most excellent tutorial series. I found lots of other exciting things on YouTube, the retro gaming scene is a good example and that has really influenced my approach to the dream as well. What I also realised quite quickly was that people were making good money, some of them really good money by being passionate about video games and that was the dream. I’d never needed a dream before because my work had been satisfying, I earned good money and of course had everything that goes with that including a good mortgage. I was tired though, tired of the stress, tired of the workload and just generally a bit cheesed off which gave the dream an opportunity to sneak into my psyche. So I was at a great point to make a change, with maybe a bit of mid-life crisis going on as well, but I didn’t know what I could do to bring in the money to keep my family and I where we were. So of course when I saw that you could make money from video games, just from playing them not even writing them the dream took hold fully.

Just so you know I am still working in IT support so the dream hasn’t actually worked out but it’s not gone away either which is why I am writing this. As I am sure you are all aware there are many hurdles, trials and tribulations in becoming an influencer (as the people who I aspire to be are referred to) and I’m going to write about my hurdles and how I try to overcome them in this blog. First though maybe I ought to try and express what the dream has actually become today.


“The Dream”

To support my family and I keeping us in the style to which we’ve become accustomed by streaming video game play and tech ‘stuff’ to a community of like minded nerds with a certain maturity on with a complete lack of drama and avoiding unnecessary cursing except when playing games by From Software.


It’s a simple dream but one difficult to achieve and I hope you’ll be interested enough to join me on my journey. Following me on Twitter, @unshapedadrian is the best way to keep up with blog posts, streams, videos and occasional rants. If my dream sounds familiar or you are just wrestling with making a change then do feel free to contact me, if I’ve learned one thing over the five years of the dream, networking is key on whatever level.

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