My Ideal Gaming Christmas List

Posted by adrian on January 2nd, 2014

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2014.  This is the first post for my new blog, one of the things I’ve promised myself I would do this year is write at least 50 blog posts and so here we go. Fifty may not sound a lot but hopefully this post will explain why to me 50 is quite a challenge.

Let me digress – I’ll come back to my point I promise. I tend not to get gaming related gifts for Christmas (or my Birthday which is in December) and to be honest I have given up asking. My family know I game a lot, especially my long suffering partner Caroline but they never help feed my hobby. I’m not complaining, I get other great gifts but nothing gaming related. So what follows is my top five Christmas gifts that I would have liked this year.

1. Sega Mega Drive power supply

2. Steam Gift Card

3. Android Tablet

4. Super Mario 3D World WiiU

5. Time

Let me explain the list and then get to my point.

Number 1. I really need to replace my Sega Mega Drive power supply. My current one is a European two pin supply which I bodge to work in a three pin UK socket. The power supply is shared as well between my Mega Drive and Master System so really I could do with two. The best solution here would actually be a laptop PSU that I could then modify to provide power to both systems but how do you explain to someone (who’s not into retro consoles) why you want a bog standard laptop PSU as a gift.

Number 2. Get me vouchers that I enjoy spending rather than M&S vouchers. But how do I explain that to my old Aunt who doesn’t even have a computer.

Number 3. Needs no further explanation than “More Games”.

Number 4. My first reason to spend money on gaming was Super Mario World on the SNES, it looked beautiful at the time and I stared at it in WHSmith’s for ages (drooling probably). The latest instalment looks just as gorgeous so why not. My WiiU is however in a box under our sofa bed sadly underused and waiting.

Number 5. Time

Now to my point. Time is one thing that as a gamer I never seem to have enough of. I work hard at my IT job sometimes with random long hours and then there’s travelling to and from work, being with family, eating etc.  All very important ways to spend time. Then in my spare time I have to split my time between my YouTube channel (granted I get to play games for that but the post-processing is pretty intensive) learning new skills (Unity is my current project) and the hundred and one DIY jobs around the house.

Currently I have one allocated time slot for gaming which is the first Thursday of each month where I play online with some friends for a couple of hours.

Now I’m not moaning here I just think that most gamers are the same and that the gift of time would be gratefully received by many.

Which leads me all the way back to my New Year’s resolution, at least 50 blog posts in 2014 how am I going to fit that in as well?  Ho hum I’ll give it a go. Time for this first post generously donated by a work lunch hour.

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