Proprietary things make my blood boil

Posted by adrian on February 17th, 2014

Sometimes I get so angry, it doesn’t happen very often but this evening it did.

I use a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro to capture gameplay footage from my Xbox 360/One and I use Sony Vegas for editing video before uploading to YouTube. I don’t use the capture device very much, preferring to play and record on PC but this evening I wanted to capture some footage from the Titanfall Beta. I recorded 20 minutes of footage, mostly of me dieing but I was having fun. I recorded my commentary separately alongside using Audacity because the Roxio capture software does not have the capability to record an additional sound source.

When I play the video in media player it plays fine, with video throughout the twenty minutes however when I load it into Sony Vegas the video is two and a half minutes long with no audio.

Now I have no idea what’s causing this. The Roxio raw output file is a .m2TS file which can be played by all my media players but not read by Vegas. However if it was a standard codec then Vegas should be able to read it and I have other files which it will open.

I tried to use the power of the internet to find a solution but it’s all a bit unhelpful.

Roxio forums are full of people saying why would you need to read the video into Vegas when Roxio supply editing software. My answer to that is simple, firstly I need to add and sync audio which is not impossible but very tricky in the Roxio software and also I have Vegas for it’s advanced capabilities like complex titles etc.

Sony forums have no responses, if you search for Roxio and Vegas you get one hit, a review.

So I’m at my wits end, the only solution I have is to render the video using Roxio software and then load this into Vegas, edit and then render it out again. This is awful both from a time perspective and also from a quality perspective.

Why oh why in this world of standards do we still have proprietary video formats and proprietary supported video formats.

I can’t blame either company as I don’t know whose fault it is but personally I’m off to research a new capture device as I like Sony Vegas too much to stop using it.

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