It costs HOW much?

Posted by adrian on April 25th, 2014

Have you got a next gen console, have you bought any games online? Have you even looked at the prices?

Buying games online is something I’ve got very used to being a PC owner and having used Steam since it’s infancy, online purchase and download is my preferred way of getting PC games. I was hoping with the next gen of consoles coming out that Microsoft and Sony would supply the same kind of service making things easier for me. Well they’ve made them easier but they’ve also made them damned expensive. Let’s take a harmless game and look at how much it costs across the board, Lego: The Hobbit.

PS4 Online Cost £54.99 (Yes really)
PS4 physical copy from Amazon £34.85
Xbox One Online Cost £49.99
Xbox One physical copy from Amazon £40.00
Xbox 360 Online Cost £44.99
Xbox 360 physical copy from Amazon £29.22
PC Online cost from Steam £22.99
PC physical copy from Amazon a mere £16.00

I haven’t got my PS3 working at the moment so I couldn’t check the online price.

Seriously, go and look at the prices again and when you’ve caught a breath come back to me.

Fifty five quid for a download of Lego: The Hobbit on Playstation Network. That’s seriously taking the piss out of consumers, especially when you can order it from Amazon for twenty pounds less. Same with Microsoft although the Amazon price is closer.

This whole trend really worries me because like many other people in the world I can be quite impatient especially when it comes to video games. I really, really hope that people can rein in their impatience and just order online rather than buying and downloading from the console providers network.

It’s just an extra day, wait, vote with your feet and don’t buy digital releases for consoles.

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